The Documentary

About Bullfight

The doors are open. The show starts. You are going to watch a bullfight, like the ones you can tune on the Bullfight TV Channel 24/7. But there is something different about this one, and you already realized: all the stuff that defines your favourite event are now on the background.

Time to pump up the volume.

You do not hear “oles”, claps or people cheering. Music has not presence at all. Every musical note or ambient sounds are covered by the breathing of a dying animal, who is also the target of the cameras. So, you wait a few seconds trying to figure out what’s wrong with the sound. Meanwhile someone starts to speak. He is a veterinary and he talks about how deep was the last hit with the puya and about why the bull is vomiting blood. And then you watch the blood coods as big as the sandwich you prepared before. It’s disgustting, but it seems nobody in the TV control seems to be affected.

These are not visual or sound effects recorded in a studio.

This is real.

Both if you are against or in favour to bullfights, you must know that what you are watching is exactly what title says: a bullfight. Just one of the almost ten thousand celebrated every year around the whole world.




Iago Prada is a film director and producer born in A Coruña (Spain), whose career as filmmaker took off as his activist life: in a continue developing and  all around the world.

As a filmmaker, he studied film direction at the Image and Sound School of A Coruña, getting one of the best marks in his promotion thanks to dozens of collaborations he did in all kind of projects with other students. Thanks to that, he could work in several movies, shorts films, documentaries, music video or TV series all around the world – from Spain to Australia.

Linked to social movements since the sinking of petrol tank “Prestige”, which happened in his hometown when he was 11, he spends his life in different causes: movements like 15-M, Stop Evictions or anarchist associations and union trades in all the countries he has lived in.

He returned to Spain in 2015, and he focused his career in cultural promotion and filming social movies – always on a free, independent and autonomous way.

Original title : Bullfight


Language(s) : Spanish (OV), English


Subtitles : Spanish, English, French, German


Filming year : 2016


Premiere year : 2018


Producer country : Spain


Filming format : Digital cinema 4K


Exhibition format : DCP 4K


Aspect : 2,35:1


Length : 121 minutes



Let’s be honest: everyone heard about bullfights. Both in and out of Spain, everybody knows these shows – although only a few people actually enjoy it.

So, it’s time to explain how they are. But which one is the best way? It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but… Any picture?

We don’t think so. That’s why we made Bullfight, just to show something that you will never see on TV. We have images and sounds really crude and real in order to make people understand a little better what happens at the bullring – and make them know that the bull murdered in the screen is a bull murdered in real life.