Next dates:



Wuppertal (Germany) – April 25th – Autonomes Zentrum

Tilburg (Netherlands) – April 30th – Tilburg University (room Cz08)

Bremen (Germany) – May 2nd – TBA

Hamburg (Germany) – May 3rd – Cafe Knallhart

Berlin (Germany) – May 4th – Ladenkino

Chemnitz (Germany) – May 6th – Lesecafe Odradek

Leipzig (Germany) – May 7th- Pögue Haus

Olomouc (Czech Republic) – May 12th – Veggie Fest 2018

Brno (Czech Republic) – May 15th – Tri Ocasci

Praga (Czech Republic) – May 19th – Salé 451

Most (Czech Republic) – May 20th – Vegac

Freiburg (Germany) – May 25th – Kultur Aggregat

Perpignan (France) – May 30th – Institut Jean Vigo


Spain Premiere: September 2018

Premiere tour

During the following months, part of the crew (including the director) will visit the main European cities projecting the documentary. These screenings will be followed by a talk about bullfight situation in the world. In addition, there will be an exposition with some filming pictures and most of the weapons used on bullfights. Would you like to come to this super complete and interesting event? If so, pay attention to the last news to keep up with the new dates.

Weapons and photo exposition

Previously to the screening, people will be able to enjoy a didactic exposition. There will be an excellent selection of the photographs taken by Almudena Eced on the key moments of the bullfight.

In addition, the assistants will have the chance to see and touch most of the weapons used in bullfights, in order to get a better understanding of the suffering of the bulls during the fight.

Projection and director’s talk

The key point on this event is the screening of the documentary. Two hours of this movie full of information thanks to extreme images, sounds and comments of veterinary Enrique Zaldivar as speaker.

At the end of the projection, the director Iago Prada will participate on a colloquium with the assistants answering all the questions of the assistants and explaining how the filming was.