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It is the first time that I used and I see that it is the best product for styling the hair. The sidekick really sets the boundaries for all the styling spray that has existed and it is definitely a 5 star for me!

This was the best product that ever used in my life. After blow drying with Sidekick, your hair is already ready to be locked in it depends on your hair type, works good with mine. A Big thumbs up for this!

A block is a necessity in millinery, because a milliner molds the material over a block to give it shape and size. Durch den halt in der Flüssigkeit brauche ich sogar vllt kein wax mehr oder nur um nochmal zu verfeinern.

You can also use it as a hairspray and it works really well. And now enjoy reading our blog! There's another awesome product from by villain. So yeah, I cant imagine going without it, mariano di vaio hair color. De showroom is gevestigd in de winkel van Eudia in Amsterdam.

Einer der besten Sprays überhaupt. Also the delivery is very fast, I got my first Sidekick in like 2 days but luckily for me i live in Denmark ;-. The Regular hairspray are then added to finish your hairstyle to lock in your hairstyle providing more hold etc.

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So with this product you generally use this damp hair before blow-drying although you can use it once again after to lock your hair in to place. This product has everything that I'm looking for when I style my hair, I use it before blow drying and don't need to use anything else afterwards as it can give me the results I'm looking for on its own which is great as it saves me money! But I find Silver Fox works better for hairstyles that don't need much volume.

We won't put these photos online just yet, but we like to give you a little preview with this 'behind the scenes' photo of milliner Evelien with model Sara. I love this spray, I cant imagine going without it.

  • Really good volume. Je werkt nauw samen met de oprichtster van het label.
  • Really good volume. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Will recommend to all my friends. Can only recommend this product. I find this product amazing as it is an awesome pre-styler. I watch your guys video everyday plz never stop making them. Great hold, texture. We wish you a fashionable and thus happy year.

We had been working on the pitch for quite some time, so when the time came that Evelien was to go on stage she was all energy and with a clear vision about what to tell about Eudia. Really helped my hair with the health. Okay, one last example: The Eudia design called Hackney for example combines a Fedora crown with a Homburg brim - for those who want a classic with a twist. The sidekick by vilain is one of the greatest product of the by vilain line of products.

Verschillende technieken zullen aanbod komen. If I had shorter hair I'm pretty sure I could've left it like that, without adding a finishing product like wax or clay. Thursday July 25, Sunday April 29. Big up for him. Thus preventing hair damage.


Let us know! I've been without the Sidekick for 2 weeks now, and i've noticed how difficult it can be to keep my hairstyle without it. Durch den halt in der Flüssigkeit brauche ich sogar vllt kein wax mehr oder nur um nochmal zu verfeinern.

One being to maintain a healthy company while being able to grow. Will recommend it to anyone who wants to boost thin hair or robs tuinverbouwing recepten more control.

I have to say that of all the products I have used over the years Sidekick is the absolute best. Thank you from Rio. Till now the best products I have ever tried Highly recommended to be purchased? It can be used as a post styling product as well, to lock the mariano di vaio hair color style in for the day. Also gives moderate hold for the blow drying process which is good.

Unlike other sprays, it has a very nice scent, light hold and texture to it. I bought sidekick and i really like it, first i was a bit worried about the shipping time but i received it in 3 days keep up the good work I would recommend this product to you guys.

Pagina: 1 2 3 4 A block is a necessity in millinery, because a milliner molds the material over a block to give it shape and size.

In addition, it gives me extra volume and fixing. Thus preventing hair damage. I started treasure seeking in cabinets and the big piles of blocks and found some gems.

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